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Se gli algoritmi dei siti di incontri si basano principalmente su appartenenza geografica e parole chiave, il sistema di Webb attribuisce a ciascuna qualità – tra le prime: intelligente, divertente, ebreo, mai stato sposato – un punteggio che va da un minimo di 700 a un massimo di 1800.“Agli uomini da 700 punti avrei mandato una mail esplorativa, con 900 avrei dato un appuntamento mentre 1500 sarebbero stati adeguati per pensare a una relazione duratura”.Chi crede che le farfalle nello stomaco siano ancora una questione di chimica sarà costretto ad aggiornarsi: la ricerca del partner ideale si affida a statistica e data mining.Perché nell’era dei Big Data neanche l’amore è immune dalla tendenza a vedere tutto – politica, social media, informazione – come un immenso archivio di dati.

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Enjoy the best of times when you visit the World's Largest Cuckoo Clock in Wilmot.We pride ourselves on our already-competitive pricing at Cafe Press.But did you know we also offer discounts at certain levels? And with larger quantities, save up to an additional xx%!There are some friends who don't mind hanging out... Or if your friend only wants to hang out when they need a wingman for a group movie date or someone to run errands with them, the friendship is probably pretty one-sided and your friend may not value you as much as you deserve. But if you notice that your friend is constantly turning down invitations to hang and then only reaches out when they happen to need a ride or want to use your new curling iron, then they're probably using you. Either they like gossiping or they just have a blabbermouth and your secrets probably aren't safe with them.7. If your main line of conversation with a friend usually consists of them gossiping and talking smack about other people, chances are they gossip and talk smack about you to other people, too. But if you're scared to talk to your friend about certain things because they're constantly judging you and making you feel bad about your choices, they probably aren't the best friend.9.If you find that you're constantly listening to your friend talk about their problems, offering them advice, and consoling them, but never get the same effort in return, it's a sign your friend doesn't have your best interests at heart, or they're just really self-centered. They're constantly demeaning you in front of your other friends.

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