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But their influence is widespread—as Stanley points out, Wayne Grudem, an evangelical theologian at Phoenix Seminary, once described Sovereign Grace Ministries “as an example of the way churches ought to work.” investigation, executive director of Sovereign Grace Churches Mark Prater pointed TIME to a lengthy statement he made in 2014 denying that Sovereign Grace leaders "conspired to cover up" sexual abuse.

The February issue of Magazine featured an exposé of long-buried sexual abuse of children in a prominent evangelical church network, Sovereign Grace Ministries.A lawsuit filed by different alleged victims was dismissed largely because the statute of limitations had expired. We need to learn from the historic church about ways that there is better accountability and responsibility.” Experts on American religion say Covenant Life in some ways is a case study of nondenominationalism — a part of U. religion that can be difficult to measure but that experts believe is expanding — and the possible ramifications of the dissolution of religious structures. churches are nondenominational evangelical, research shows. “One of the significant problems is that it’s left to the church or the individual pastor or leadership board to in essence police themselves or create relational ties. Harris also praises the benefits of independent churches like Covenant Life. Building criticism from other evangelicals over Mahaney’s leadership style and the sex abuse allegations brought national controversy to Sovereign Grace, which in 2011, Harris preached, was “being publicly spanked . All of this led Harris, he said, to reconsider his own journey and whether formal education might help him.It is not a given that being part of a denomination or having more academic training would have fixed all errors, he said, but they would have had much more outside input. I want to learn other ways of how pastors and other leaders deal with all these things.’. Such communities believe passionately in the effectiveness of evangelizing and the idea that God — not man or some academic credential — bestows control. That is a real challenge,” said Scott Thumma, a sociologist at Hartford Theological Seminary who studies nondenominationalism. “If I had been seminary-trained with established convictions about church polity, pastoral leadership and other topics, I don’t think I would have been chosen to lead our church. I think it was God’s will for me,” Harris said in his Sunday sermon. Harris is the oldest of seven children of Gregg Harris, one of the early national leaders of the Christian home-schooling movement and a strong advocate of independent learning.Then in a not so surprising announcement during church yesterday morning, Joshua Harris broke the news to the congregation that he would be resigning as senior pastor, effective in the spring.He also shared with those in attendance that his family plans to finalize their move sometime during the summer.

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