Dating a saxophone player

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Today, the Saxophone is used extensively in jazz and other kinds of dance music and in symphony orchestras around the world.

The Saxophone comes in many different varieties, though most saxophonists usually use one of the four most popular types.

We do know that there was a change in tonehole placement at some point in the production..." I'm hoping to collect a large enough sample of instruments to provide a reasonable estimation to the date of manufacture of most of the Yamaha Saxophones.

I also hope that this collected data will reveal some inconsistencies in the way Yamaha mark and identify particular models.

Hi SOTW members, Some of you will have seen my Yamaha MODEL Number List.

As part of this collection of data, I have created an online database for collecting the SERIAL numbers of Yamaha Saxophones.

If you have ever told, emailed, or otherwise communicated to me a music joke, thank you. " Another violinist, standing by, offered the following helpful hint: "Write your repertoire." "Haven't I seen your face before? "You have, Your Honor," the man answered hopefully. He picked up his instrument and bow, and turned his attention to the conductor. After a couple of weeks, they agreed each to take an afternoon off in turn to go and watch the matinee performance from the front of house.

It was first adopted for use in military bands and soon became a popular instrument played in a concert band and in chamber music.

Chamber music is a type of music played by a group of small instruments - ones that usually can fit into a small room or chamber.

He later learned to play tenor and soprano sax as well as the flute.

At high school in Tallahassee, where his parents had moved the family when they landed teaching jobs at Florida A&M University, Adderley earned the nickname Cannonball.“When I was going to school I used to eat anything,” he later explained. Older people didn’t get the connection so they called me Cannonball.” In 1955, when an old friend saw him perform in New York City, he called him by his hometown nickname and it remained with the saxophonist the rest of his life.

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