Dating in the 1800s

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During the Reformation, Roman Catholics were driven underground, and in England, persecution was given additional impetus by King Henry VIII's divorce from Catherine of Aragon in 1533, when he broke with Rome and forced his subjects to swear allegiance to himself as the head of the church.

Recusant Catholic priests traveled to private houses to celebrate mass in peril of their lives, and many were forced to disguise themselves as peddlers, carrying their sacramental paraphernalia around in backpacks.

"I got it out of the lower part of Delaware, near where the Pocomoke River terminates," said retired auctioneer Otho Mears, 92, of Parksley, gesturing to the weathered little log building in his back yard.

It's old — that much is plain to see — but no one knows just how old. Mears knows as much as anyone about old tools and other antiques, and he has bought and sold lots of unusual items in his decades as an auctioneer on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

Before that there was courtship, which, at least for the upper classes, typically took the form of something out of a Jane Austen novel.

Women and their mothers were what Weigel calls the “hosts” of the courtship, and it was socially unacceptable for a man to ask a woman out unless she showed that she was open to his attention.

The stone bears the name of one Major Colony — the person who owned it before Mears was going to throw it away."So I just brought it here and stuck it beside the building," he said.

The story of how Mears came to own the building starts with a buggy. He saw an advertisement for an auction in Gumboro, Delaware, including a buggy for sale."I wanted a buggy, so I went on up there," he said.

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The camera - and modern photography - began life in 1790 with a basic model created by the UK's Thomas Wedgwood, which, by 1826, had been developed into a device resembling modern cameras by French inventor Joseph Nicéphore Niépce.Catholic families built hiding places in their mansions that are known today as "priest holes".The chasuble was probably deliberately made in patchwork so that if a priest were challenged, it could pass as a bedcover. ” There’s a good chance you’ve heard that phrase or something similar from someone surrounding your life.Social media and dating sites/apps have changed the way modern dating works and how people meet in hopes of finding love.

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