Laboratory document dating

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Inks may also be distinguished by other more complex chemical tests but these are likely to be destructive to some extent.

LGC is fortunate in having the backing of its world renowned analytical chemistry section.

Excellent documentation is proof that patient testing is accurate, precise, and reliable.

Written records are required for the following: In the sections below are a list of policies, manuals, logs, reports, records, and instrument printouts that are located in the laboratory and/or the administrators office.

Additionally, entries which have been obliterated may be readable using these methods, for example by rendering the obliterating ink transparent under a particular light source.

Sometimes two inks can look identical to the naked eye but further tests may be able to distinguish between them. For example inks can be examined using infra red or ultraviolet reflectance at various wavelengths or using visible light but examining emissions from the ink in the infra red area of the spectrum (infra red luminescence).

Our examiners use an instrument known as a VSC 2000HR to carry out non-destructive specialised lighting examinations.

Reports are prepared for a variety of courts, both Civil and Criminal in the UK and abroad.

On occasions, Ellen Radley also undertakes Legally Aided matters, caseload permitting.

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