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A run-through of the latest terms in the 'wired' landscape of modern relationships.

You never meet in person for a conversation face-to-face.

When I launch today extension my widget data is updating and showing in real time.

But when I scroll the notification center and return to my widget, it doesn't update.

Drunk texting is one form of 'draking' or to wallow about men problems on social media.

Sure, having a job is good for a few obvious reasons; say, the ability to make rent and buy doughnuts.

I tried several different methods but they didn't help me.

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And it's not only me: A lot of folks are doing it. It's like how everyone used to just go jogging, but suddenly it's all about triathlons. (Although, side note: I urge you not to write a guy off just because you know you've got plans the next night with someone else. But you have to figure out what the right rate of dating is for you.Du kannst jederzeit entscheiden wann und wie oft Du mit Singles aus einer Region verbunden werden möchtest...Williams, 33, has won four consecutive Grand Slam tournaments. She has won 21 Grand Slam tournaments in total and has a strong chance of becoming the most accomplished tennis player of all time before she retires.Sleeping with more than one person at the same time is a whole different ball game, at least for me.Of course, your ability to juggle multiple nascent relationships once things get physical might be stronger than mine.

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