Phnom penh dating scammers

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After arriving we shared a tuk tuk to a hotel and she went on home to get her moto (scooter/moped) and return to me.

I hopped on the back and we went down the road, I was grateful for her average low speed of 20km/h considering neither of us had helmets on and it being dark so I had no idea where we was going.

I take everything I read in the Phnom Penh Post with a large bucket of salt, especially after noticing it couldn’t even get the date right on the front page a couple of months back. A story this week must have left readers with the impression that if you take even a few steps down the riverside area, you’ll be pestered by armies of gangsters trying to scalp you of thousands of dollars in rigged blackjack games.

I’ve had fun spotting appalling errors like “insert byline here” in big bold print where a reporter’s name should be – perhaps indicating that even the subs don’t read the paper. It appears you can’t walk anywhere in the capital’s tourist spots without some kindly member of a Filipino crime syndicate complimenting you on your sunglasses or choice of ice cream, and before you know it you’re hypnotised into a tuk tuk.

There have been reports of Filipino blackjack gangs operating in Phnom Penh for at least two years, and probably much longer.

And as tourists are reticent to report crimes to police because it usually involves handing over even more money, there is no way of knowing if the problem is growing.

In the past week, numerous instances of a blackjack scam targeting visitors to the capital have been reported in the area.

The perpetrators, believed to be Philippine nationals, operate largely around Sisowath Quay, but also are known to frequent popular tourist spots such as Sorya mall, Independence Monument and the areas around the National Museum and Wat Botum.

Tourists along Phnom Penh’s popular riverside area are increasingly finding themselves playing a game they can’t win.The Cambodia girl next to me was delightfully holding up a deep fried grasshopper which was staring at me through it’s fried eyeball held by its tail. “I have mister potato (crisps/chips in a tube similar to Pringles) and bananas” The usual conversation went on from there, she was 26 from Phnom Penh, working as a bank clerk and just had a weekend holiday in Siem Reap.She offered a spare room at her house where she lived with her auntie, daughter and doctor for the 2 nights I was staying in Phnom Penh, I of course accepted, nothing beats a free nights accommodation – it is the ultimate in showing hospitality, but then said it wouldn’t be possible for tonight so had to get a hotel anyway.Never buy your bus ticket from anywhere other than its authorised source.Popular tourist destinations and overland border crossings are full of notorious activities related to bus transportations.

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