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I am always into being "ageless" and in looking one's best. The title belies the treasure trove of practical information within its covers to enhance your home yoga practice.

You should obey your husband, especially in the matters of sex.

Give me an embrace and so forth.’ Then he embraced her and had his pleasure of her, but Gautama knew what had happened by his powers of meditation, and he hurried home and cursed Indra, saying, ‘Since you have acted in this way for the sake of the , and Indra, full of shame, stood in the water for a long time, praising Devi in her aspect of Indraksi [‘Eyes of Indra’].

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Do them mindfully, gently, and slowly." * The illustrations of the yoga poses are cute, non-intimidating, and inviting - highly encouraging for the beginning yogi!

When she offered him a boon he asked to have his deformity cured, but she said, ‘I cannot destroy the evil born of a sage’s curse, but I can do something so that people will not notice it: you will have a thousand eyes in the middle of the and filed under Abuse of Women in Hinduism, brahma, Corruoption of Hindu Religion, EVIL, Evil Gods of Hinduism ?

Yoga has long been considered one of the best ways to tone and shape the body, reduce stress and increase power and flexibility.

Give me a kiss and so forth.’ But as she was worshipping the gods she told him that he had chosen an inappropriate time.

He said, ‘Enough of this talk of what is done and what is not done.

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