Who is kevin rose dating

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You chose to grow with venture capital and you've no doubt (I hope) taken some money off the table in your Series C round.

I say this because this new version of digg reeks of VC meddling. Kevin, you absolutely deserve all the credit for starting the movement -- fascinating things happen when online communities can efficiently share content.

On an evening in June, trickling into one of the unmarked doorways is a massive throng of young people.

They are loud, obscene, and drunk with enthusiasm -- clapping, hooting, and bouncing up and down in place.

Guessing that Tebow gets plunked hard if and when he sees live action despite the fact that he could powerbomb 99 percent of the pitchers in MLB. The Red Sox are now getting into the act as they are going to have “sleep rooms” set up at Fenway Park, according to the Boston Globe.

City that always sleeps Boston has won 10 pro sports championships since the turn of the century, easily more than any other U. The team is having players test mattresses and they’re “getting fitted for pillows” so that they can nap prior to games.

How fun would it be to watch a Justin Bieber or Liam Hemsworth shiver in fear while facing a Stephen Strasburg fastball? Former Celtics star Paul Pierce used to sleep in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber to catch Zs.The crowd is almost exclusively male, and there's a disproportionate share of khaki.The warm-up acts are a spiky-haired magician and a guy who attempts to pump up the crowd with exhortations like, "How many of you watch video on hand-held devices?But I've got a strong feeling it's not you making these decisions anymore; and to see your baby abused like this must be awful. Warriors star Kevin Durant and model/fashion designer Amber Rose were seen together at the same restaurant in LA last week and, of course, everyone has since assumed that they’re doing adult things with one another. “We were at the same restaurant, that’s it.” Durant has been a fan of Rose’s for years as he tweeted at her in 2010: “@Da Real Amber Rose I kno this is random but I seen u in LA and u got the meanest bald head ever!!! ” That’s a pick up line if I’ve ever seen one, comparing a girl you like to a 1990s NBA basketball player.

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